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We partner with entrepreneurs and startups through software development and creative funding options.

Hive understands the struggles a new or growing startup faces so we craft mutually beneficial working agreements to build the best product possible with the limited resources a startup has.

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Passionate People

Hive's mission is to help people enjoy their day-to-day lives to make the world a more delightful place.

People who are passionate about your user's happiness will build a better product. We work with developers that are illustrators, musicians, chefs, poets, writers, mathematicians, and mechanical engineers who also happen to write great code.

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creative funding options

Honey Match

Hive will evaluate your ideas and products and offer creative match funding options that work with your Startup. We match up to 100% of a investor awarded or self-funded investment.

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Hive thinks globally

and acts locally

All development is performed by local St Louis area developers and entrepreneurs that are a part of the Hive Network.

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You can meet with a Hive team and ideate around your next big venture at our collaboration space on Locust St. in Midtown.

One of a kind

Success Toolkit

BeeKeeper is our proprietary platform that provides the vital tools that make a project successful.


Discover and prioritize a short list of features that impact your users the most.

Status Tracking

Know the current project status

Feature Review

Get feedback from real users as features are frequently released

Measure Success

Access real-time data-driven statistics

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Above all else

Bee Kind

At Hive we believe in being kind above all else. We are kind to our users by providing them with delightful software that is easy to use.

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you bee kind to your users

We are kind to all by only creating products that make the world a better place.

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